David Lebovitz’s Eggplant Caviar Earns a “Worth It” Stamp. Recipe Inside.

Overview: Need something to do with eggplant besides pile on the mozzarella and call it eggplant parmesan? This dip recipe is worth it, just double the batch. In an effort to “keep it real,” there is no real caviar involved.

Photo courtesy of nuttakit

Sorry, folks, we three Byrds piled our caviar dip onto our olive fougasse bread and poured it into our cheese pasta, so I don’t have any pictures for you.

There is a great set of photos and directions on David Liebovitz’s web site, though, so I urge you to use them as your guide.

Click here to get to David Lebovitz’s Eggplant Caviar.

What’d I make with it?

–any good wheat bread from the bakery, toasted. Spread on the eggplant caviar.

–whole wheat angel hair pasta with a bit of salt and pepper, drizzle of olive oil, healthy amount of shredded Pecorino Romano, toasted pine nuts

–green salad (Use this to add color to your meal. If you’ll notice, the other ingredients I’ve recommended are pretty neutral.)

As an experimenter, here are a few notes for you:

a) Make sure you have a food processor.

b) When charring the eggplants in step 1, I just stuck a non-wooden skewer    through them and charred them directly over the gas on the burner. At first, I tried the grill pan on the gas stove, but it was taking way too long. Just be sure to get a good grasp on the eggplant and make sure that a hungry toddler isn’t running around at your feet. This deserves complete concentration.

c) IMPORTANT: Just double this batch. The recipe is good but is mildly laborious, so you should have enough for your dinner and then some nice, little dip for the next day.

d) I learned that charred and roasted eggplant skins are delicious. See if you think so, too. Try a skin before you toss it.

Happy cooking! Happy eating!


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