It’s Time to Create Your Food Bucket List! Take the Blog Reader Challenge Poll.

A Calabash, Photo courtesy of Markuso,

Are you ready to try new foods with me or revisit old foods you used to love?!? It’ll be sometimes scary, often exciting and always adventurous!

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that I’d never eaten a memorable piece of fruitcake, if I’d eaten one at all. Then, I invited you to eat fruitcake . . . or any other food on the planet for the first time . . . along with me. I welcome you to  revisit old foods you’ve somewhat forgotten as well. Remember snowballs? sour gummy worms? funnel cakes? Of course, I don’t mean to neglect what is good for you, too. Eat it all!

Let’s get this challenge moving in today’s post with none other than a good ol’ poll to get some food possibilities flowing. Just follow the directions on the poll. You can mark as many answers as you wish. Next week, I’ll follow up with the results and a forum for us to share our nostalgic and new food experiences. Have fun! 


Happy cooking! Happy eating!


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