Snacks are in Session! PB and Honey Grahams with Sliced Red Bananas

Hi All,

School’s back in and with that in mind, I have made a nifty snack for you to devour whether you are:

a) throwing your backpack down after a long day of work or learning

b) so sick of revising your lesson plans due to flash flood and snow days that you could scream

c) retired or work outside of the school system and could care less about how the school masses cope

This snack involves the red banana (just use a yellow one if you don’t know nothin’ ’bout no red banana). On August 29th, I gave you guys a poll regarding food you’d either never had or had not eaten within the last six months. To no one’s surprise, perhaps, single-malt whiskey topped the list. I’m still wondering if anyone who voted has ever had it. If not, now’s the time because that poll was the start to the Food Adventure Blog Challenge 2011. Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Every week, I’ll be posting something new that I’ve tried or that I haven’t had in ages. Then I’ll expound upon my experience. I challenge you to take the same risk, large or small, at the grocery store each week. I use the word challenge but of course do not picture you having to fret or sweat. Just have fun with it!
  • When I post, I invite any of you to post those new/worthy/unworthy foods you’ve tried recently. Put your comments right into the comment box. If you have ideas about how to use or cook the food, feel free to post those, too. Don’t stress out about being fancy, unless that creams your Twinkie.

Back to how the red banana as my first challenge food arose . . .

I was roaming around Wegman’s last Friday night and first glimpsed a hefty bunch of yellow baby bananas. Like a nerd who looks forward to spending a Friday night in a seven-mile-away grocery store, I became excited. My right hand reached out to grasp the whole caboodle, but my frugality steered me away from this asinine idea. How different could these bananas taste from the big deal bananas? I then told myself that baby bananas are perfect for Baby O’s toddler hands. Frugality grew crabby then and told me to step off of the baby bananas.

What did my eyes spot next? Oh, yes, they did. Red bananas, and these were fairly small, too. I snatched three of them and tossed them into the grocery cart. Frugality, you can go to hell . . . until we get to the point where I’ll need that second grocery cart. Ridiculous.

Here’s the outcome:

Red bananas taste nutty, for some reason, and are creamier than the yellow banana. Honestly, I force myself to eat most bananas because, unless I’m having an off-the-wall craving for one, I really don’t desire yellow bananas by themselves. I liked this banana better than the yellow banana, though, because of its creaminess. It’s not an expensive product either, which makes it easy for you guys to try. Important note: Not all groceries carry red bananas–careful not to drive yourself . . . nuts . . . looking for these.

PB & Honey Grahams with Sliced Red Bananas

Difficulty: SUPER easy             Great snack that serves up protein, potassium, iron (in fairly small amounts, mind you, but . . .) 


  • regular or honey graham crackers
  • peanut butter (I made the switch and now love Smucker’s Natural PB b/c no preservatives and generally creamier.)
  • red or yellow banana slices
  • honey


1) Spread a layer of peanut butter on your graham, to the degree that you like peanut butter.

2) Cover the peanut butter in banana slices. Don’t worry about perfect banana placement (unless that is your thing).

3) Drizzle honey on top. I suggest you do a light drizzle because if not, your snack will become a big mess. Want more honey? Just eat another graham treat :-).


5 responses

  1. I am curious when you use the word ‘creamy’ if you are describing taste or consistency. I am so particular with bananas when it comes to how ripe they are – I hate it when they are mushy. I guess I could buy just one and give it a try. I am really curious about the difference in taste but have no idea how to judge ripeness! Very cool idea!

    • Good question. I’m pretty particular, too, since I do not love all bananas all the time. I found the creaminess to be more about the taste in some odd way that’s hard to describe in words. The flavor seemed a little milder than a regular banana, to me. While I took the picture of the bananas a day or so after I bought them, I ate one of them two days afterwards and then another three days afterwards. If you buy and try one, I suggest you monitor for the firmness you like, to the best of your ability. Bananas are tricky, little suckers. For yellow bananas, I always buy them when they are just between the green and yellow stages. Sometimes, I pull bananas from different bunches, some really green, some just turning yellow. That way, they’ll last a little longer through the week. Red bananas are pretty cheap. I say go for it! Let me know your take.

  2. I have never seen red bananas at Wegman’s, but I’ve never looked for them either. I must say that they sound yummy, especially with peanut butter and graham crackers. I may have to try this.

    • Both Baby O and I love this snack. You might be able to convince even the toughest food customers to try this (but you’ll probably have to hide the red banana skin first and then surprise your eaters with that info later, if you catch my drift). Let me know what you think!

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