Hear Ye, Hear Ye: eatitnow has returned from being in a light but stressful funk and is ready to talk food again

Okay, so it has been almost three weeks from my last post, I do believe, and I am making myself get back on the horse here after feeling too overwhelmed to post. Being the start of the school year, work has been hectic. I teach one subject to four classes this year, so when I assign one thing, it really turns into about 100 things + 25 phone calls to parents of students who didn’t turn in 1 thing. Ahhh! To add lunacy to stress, I am revising each paper not once but TWICE BEFORE the final is submitted. I’ve done this before and liked the results, but I will have surely lost some eyesight by the time I am done. Surely. This may hinder my cooking and baking ability. We shall see.

*SPECIAL NOTE: I looked for a free image on being stressed and this picture appeared, and I would like to say that if this is what stressed looks like–a girl who looks like she isn’t close to getting around to putting those stacks back on the library shelf anytime soon–then allow me to be stressed.

Anyhow, I am also on review cycle this year, and in my first “sit down,” I guess you’d call it, I think I was looking for a big banner, colorful confetti and mounds of praise to the tune of “Teacher of the Year!” or “You are swag. We’d like to turn your lesson plans into a novel.” From my tone, you might be able to tell that I did not see what I’d hoped to see. Instead, we discussed the review process. Next time, though, I wouldn’t mind if there were at least a cupcake at the review just waiting for me to give it a good nosh. I might sit down to start the review with my boss and then I could start in with doing strange things with the cupcake during the interview: Delicately place it atop my head. Sing to it. Reprimand it in some way for being too bland, wagging my finger at it the whole time, “I told you to be sweet!” I’m guessing here, but I’m pretty sure my boss would take this all in and then say, “Well, we’re done here.”

Okay, so that scenario even got a little weird for me. Just to keep you on track, I’m relaying why I took a hiatus.

Great. Now you’re starting to think it’s because I went crazy, but I didn’t, even though now would be the appropriate time of year to go crazy. It’s October, after all, the month of spooks and haunts and the beginning of . . . dessert season. Oh, who the hell am I kidding? It’s dessert season year-round in my belly. Okay, . . . the beginning of . . . pumpkin season. Yeah, now that’s more like it.

So here’s my plan. Some of my future posts will be all things pumpkin. Some of what I’ve tried already and will tell you about are: Blue Moon’s Spiced Pumpkin Ale, Kashi’s Pumpkin Pecan Bar, and Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Ice Cream. I have definite opinions about these things, but since it is my first time back here in a few weeks, I am going to wrap it up to leave you in pumpalicious suspense. It’s October, a month that is supposed to be rife with secrets and suspense, n’est’ce pas?

PUMPKIN QUIZ QUESTION: Is the pumpkin a fruit or a vegetable?



8 responses

  1. I agree with your grandma; you are good! Enjoyed reading all your posts to date. May they get even better (and crazier, as well!).

  2. @Ronielle – Thanks!
    @Jen – Slow it down, there! I said cupcake, not pumpkin. How big does ye think me head is? I don’t know why I’m occasionally speaking Olde English.

  3. I am going to make sure your boss has a pumpkin for you next time. Just so I can see you place it on your head!!!

    And I LOVE TJ’s Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream.

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