Ah, damn, it’s dinner time AGAIN? Every day with this dinner business. (Sorry, no recipe, just sarcasm.)

This is how my days go:

1. Fancy up a tres cute outfit and rock massively high heels just in time to show up to work with a wide grin on my face and to greet the morning and my coworkers with a big, “How d’ya do?” This is at 7:15, and I’ve already taken the dog for a spin around the ‘hood and presented warm mugs of cocoa to the kids waiting out at the bus stop. Brrrrr. What a chilly morn’.

2. Happily greet my morning set of students before I then present to them the most cogent and entertaining lesson on the history of Levittown–as it relates to A Raisin in the Sun, of course–that they have EVER seen. Do you know how many teens have never even heard of Levittown until meeting me? My. Word.

3. Attend two very important meetings and grade about 50-60 essays during my hour-and-a-half planning period a bit later in the day. As you can imagine, I stop for a brief bathroom break (Gotta bring those papers in with me, though! Breaks are for sissies.)

And so it goes. Ahhhh, and so it goes . . .

And finally we’ve arrived at 6 p.m.ish. Dinner time . . .

16. Watch as my family pulls up in the driveway and then suddenly rush to the refrigerator to check out the bits and scraps I might throw together to cook YET. ANOTHER. MEAL. (and I actually like to cook).

17. Start discovering all the stuff I bought last week and have still failed to use.

**I bought those chives for this stir-fry I’d planned to make . . . until I realized that three days after the chive shopping trip, we’d be eating out for Baby O’s birthday at a Japanese steakhouse. Home stir-fry AND steakhouse in one week? Absurdity, I guess. Status: Chives still pending.

**Oh, here are these frozen burritos I bought last month. I didn’t even bring lunch today because I thought I had nothing. In all of my morning fabulosity, I guess I neglected to even look to see that we had these burritos and two other frozen meals.

**I have to use the ground turkey at this point. That’s what I choose to do. Result: floppy turkey patties on ashy-looking buns (that have been in the freezer God knows how long). Don’t forget the tomato whose top is all mushy now. Now, to make it all healthy, I’ll add sweet potato fries. I’m an awesome dinner-maker all around tonight, boy. Whew!

What a day. Now that my belly is full, I am off to wow some more students with some essay revision comments.

Till tomorrow,



The start of this photo shoot

Working hard on those papers, but my spoon (for effect) WON'T stay!

Eating my imaginary pancakes

Diva moment: The spoon fell AGAIN! My ears must be too petite.


3 responses

  1. Well, mark down the last of October/first of November as a time nobody wants to cook. The only thing I have cooked in two weeks is some pasta with tomato sauce out of a jar. Oh, and some toast…does that count?

  2. I am cracking up looking at these pictures. You need to post Olivia’s exasperated picture next to these. A little mini-you shot.

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