About the Author

About the author – Ylanda Byrd

Michelle, Your Blog Host

A few questions. A few answers.

What is the goal of my blog?   -Mainly two things: to share what I learn about food and to keep a running log of recipes that I make and love. My recipe collection so far lies on scraps of stained paper with measurements and ingredients going every which way. I will also be making an effort to incorporate creative writing and storytelling throughout the blog and often with each recipe that centers on the origin of foods, the benefits of food, and the stories food inspires.

Who inspired me?  My grandma, “Mom,” by far. There was only one thing I can tell you today that I knew about food while coming of age. I LOVED “Mom’s” cooking. Mom is my grandmother, however, not my actual mom. My mom is still alive and raised me and I really like her cooking, too (especially those mashed potatoes!). All of us family members, however, begged and pleaded for certain dishes that my grandma cooked. Living in Louisiana also inspired me.

What kind of foods are constantly in my eating rotation? Snackwise? mixed nuts/slivered almonds, yogurt, salsa and chips, beer (liberal snack labeling here!), crackers, all kinds of cheeses and olives and dips, all-natural applesauce

Meal-wise? broccoli or coleslaw, fresh green beans, some kind of fish, some kind of grain–arborio, couscous, basmati, etc., lately, I’ve been doing some stir fry, too

Feel free to send me any questions you think should be answered here 🙂


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