Ah . . . Those Starbucks Holiday Drinks! Peppermint Ain’t My Bag . . .

Bah-Humbug . . . to peppermint flavored anything (except those little mints that do come in handy post-Mexican fiesta)!

Starbucks has three seasonal drinks advertised in store right now: Eggnog Latte, Caramel Brulee Latte, and Peppermint Mocha. I have only myself to blame for dropping $4.15 on the latter. I KNEW that I like next to nothing that is peppermint flavored, but I thought I’d get the Peppermint Mocha for two reasons:

a) It’s been a while since I’ve attempted to play an active role in my Food Blog Challenge 2011. How am I going to spearhead my massive following of people also taking the challenge? (Cue crickets).

b) I wanted to get something a little less fattening than the 15 grams of fat that comes in a tall Eggnog Latte, so I opted to get the Skinny Peppermint Mocha (which was useless because now I’m drinking a beer . . . more calories than fat but . . .)

The Peppermint Mocha was a mistake.

Starbucks describes the drink this way: “Peppermint lovers, rejoice! Espresso, steamed milk, bitter-sweet chocolate and peppermint flavor swirl beneath a layer of classic whipped cream and silky, chocolate curls.” Sounds pretty tempting, right?

No, thanks.

This drink has peppermint syrup and chocolate in it, which may very well sound tempting. However, to a non-peppermint lover, if the chocolate and the espresso do not mask the peppermint, I have discovered, upon my research, that nothing is going to redeem the drink.

I may be the only little holiday soul that feels this way, but I really do not love peppermint. I don’t mind that the flavor of peppermint is nauseatingly ubiquitous at Christmas, and I would actually line my mantel with candy canes if I thought that Baby O wouldn’t spend inordinate amounts of time standing under each one and repeating, “Mine! Mine! Mine!” (She’s two). It’s just the taste of peppermint that I do not prefer. It’s very . . . false . . . to me.

Photo courtesy of D. Robertson

The thing about the drink is that chocolate follows up the entire thing. I’m picky, I imagine. I want to end my coffee with coffee. I was all confused at the end of this cup.

After reaching the bottom of the cup, I proceeded to do some research. Was I a holiday misfit?

Here’s what appeared in my Bing search when I typed in “Peppermint Mocha Reviews”:

–Oh, why bother breaking it down? It was basically a lot of people who are pleased with the drink and very few who aren’t.

I can stand being in the minority . . . on a similar note . . .

Photo courtesy of Maggie Smith

I also found something else:

a Kahlua Peppermint Mocha Review

This review states that “while the peppermint is in the attack and finish of the liqueur, it doesn’t overbear the chocolate notes or leave you saying, “Wow, that’s a lot of peppermint!” Unlike a peppermint schnapps in some cocktail recipes, Kahlúa has definitely found a striking balance in their latest liqueur. You won’t feel like the peppermint owns this Kahlúa recipe just because the name comes first in the label.”

Hot Damn! I do not like the Starbucks drink or peppermint-flavored stuff in general, but maybe I should give this Kahlua number a try. Is it possible that peppermint could grow on me if I just try hard enough?

Shake, shake, shake. Kahlua says, “It is decidedly so.”

Have you had any of these holiday drinks? Do you love the Peppermint Mocha or something else? Chime in.